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Archasis continues the RPG tradition of character classes. Players become members of the Argent Shield, which has four unique classes for the player to choose from. The Knight excels at close combat and is very defensive. On the other hand, the Hunter is best at covert work with excellent ranged attacks, speed, and stealth. The Elementalist's ability to channel magical energy makes him perfect against large groups of enemies, and the Priestess offers a healing hand to allies on the battlefield.

Each class has two weapons at a time and six active skills assigned from their skill tree. The skill tree itself has six branches for specific styles of gameplay, and obtaining skills further down the tree requires learning all the skills above them. Skills can be improved by spending additional skill points in ones that have already been learned. Upon learning skills, a player assigns them to an active skill slot which becomes usable in battle via a specific key binding.

Knight - Bodyguard, strong melee abilities and defensive characteristics
Hunter - Sniper, long range attacks and stealth abilities
Elementalist - Crowd Control, strong AOE spells, weak physical strength
Priestess - Healer, but can use some dark magic like raise undead, drain life, etc.


Details Coming Soon